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2Modern: Products & Services
  • 2Modern distributes modern furnishings and accessories.
  • They serve an international clientele with unique designs.
  • All of their pieces are very attractive and appeal to buyers who appreciate trendy, stylish pieces yet they are also very functional

These are some of the products that they have available:

2Modern: Company Background
  • 2Modern has talented staff who are well known in the design world
  • In 2004, over fifty different designers are on staff. Now, over 100 talented designers are a part of their team
  • The company was founded by Jennifer Sitko and Greg Finney
  • They both worked at the award winning studio, Carve Media, for a number of years before branching out with their own company
2Modern: Customer Feedback & Reviews

2Modern customers like the fact that they can get great deals through the 2M Collective

"Thank you! I received my order today and am so excited. My best Friend is flying in tomorrow to paint our new baby room and now we can complete it with the fab Dotilious wall art. You made my week! Thank you for going the extra mile and getting my order processed quickly. I will definitely be back on your web site in the future."

Cassie K

"When shopping for furniture and accessories to outfit my new office/studio space, I chose 2modern for their excellent selection, pricing and free shipping policy. After I placed my order, a customer service representative contacted me promptly to discuss the status of some of my items, which were backordered from the manufacturer. The items which were in-stock arrived promptly. Overall, an excellent online shopping experience, highly recommended."

Katherine S

2Modern: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness
  • 2Modern distributes the Kartell line of products
  • They have a BBB rating of A+
  • 2Modern has been featured in Lucky, InStyle, ReadyMade, Dwell and other media
  • They were listed as a top design destination in Blueprint Magazine
  • They launched the 2M directory in 2008. This gives consumers the ability to easily find architects and designers when they need professional assistance
2Modern: Website Popularity & Google Ranking
  • 2Modern’s website, has a Google page rank of five
  • This is regarded as a good page rank
  • According to Alexa, their worldwide traffic ranking is 60,606
  • Their domain has been in existence since 2003 and is hosted on a server in theUnited States
  • The site receives approximately 18,150 page views each day
2Modern: Social Media Presence
  • 2Modern has their own blog that focuses on modern décor and objects, art, sustainability and more
  • They have a FaceBook page with more than 18,000 likes. You can follow them and keep up to date with their latest videos or enjoy their photos
  • They also have a Twitter page with almost 6,000 followers, a LinkedIn profile and an RSS feed.
  • You can follow them on Twitter @2modern 
2Modern: Website Security & Safety
  • 2Modern was tested using Google safe browsing
  • 267 pages have been checked over the past ninety days and none of them have shown evidence of being infected with viruses
  • People who use the site can browse freely without worrying about doing harm to their computers or mobile devices because the site does not act as an intermediary in the distribution of malware
2Modern: Pricing & Packages
  • 2Modern offers discounted prices to professionals in the design industry
  • You can contact them directly for details on their trade discounts
  • An Arktura console table costs $990
  • Wall stickers are available in their store
  • A Firm Living Bird Tree wall sticker costs $115
  • Madera wool rugs by Inhabit start at $142 and go up from there 
2Modern: Shipping Rates & Policies
  • 2Modern offers free shipping to their clients
  • They ship internationally, to any location in the world
  • They have partnered with Bongo International to make shipping more affordable for clients who are located outside of the Continental United States
  • By singing up for Bongo, you can get aUSaddress
  • White glove shipping is not offered for orders outside of the Continental United States
2Modern: Payment Methods Accepted
  • The brand offers line such as Kartell that are synonymous with quality and style
  • Each of the pieces is easily recognizable wherever it is in the world
  • All transactions are protected by Verisign and they are an Upfront Merchant

Customers can complete their transactions using any one of the following options:

2Modern: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy
  • 2Modern has a low price guarantee
  • They present highly rated contemporary designers at prices that consumers find affordable
  • If you find one of their products offered anywhere else online for anywhere less than their total price, you can let them know
  • They will either match the price or refund the difference
  • In order to qualify for this, you must make the request within seven days of your purchase
2Modern: Product images & screenshots
2Modern Coupons
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Get 20% Off Kartell @ 2Modern
Best Available 2Modern Coupon:
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